I had the honor to speak for a quick minute at our church on Sunday.  I LOVE being able to speak and interact with my faith body.  I get so excited I barely sleep the night before, can’t eat breakfast and then cry through the service at what the Lord is doing in our church.

I was able to introduce the service and talk about how Rowan is doing the sweetest thing right now.  She narrates her actions.  Let me ‘splain it for you.  If she is running outside, she turns back and yells, ‘Running!’ or if she’s laughing really hard b/c Brad is tickling her, ‘Giggling!’

Really, It’s sort of painful it’s so sweet.  I never thought that a 2-year old could teach me so much, so early.  Talk about humbling.  She teaches me that sometimes one word is enough.  That saying one-thing is sometimes all we need to say.  Within the last week, she has been my education- teaching me to speak those one-word statements between me and the Lord because sometimes you I don’t have the emotional capacity to say much more.









Are you sure?


Love you.

Because she also started saying, ‘I love you, too.’  Which is almost too much for my weak heart to bear. While I love to hear that ‘too’ on the end, I love it when she just speaks out ‘Love you!’ because she’s always REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

In my own naivety, I imagine that the Lord doesn’t always need complicated.  Sometimes that one-thing is enough.

And if you don’t know wherre to start, start with this…

Thank you.

And then move on to ‘Love you.‘  and that’s more than a good start.  That’s where the relationship changes from you responding to Him, to you initiating that relationship.  I’m pretty sure he likes that.

No, scratch that.  I know He does.  He also hears your one-thing and raises you one more….