I get caught up on a lot of really insignificant things and I have a hunch that I’m not the only one.  If you have ever felt you needed a hall pass for something you have had a hard time getting over, this post is for you.  Below are a list of several things that I know I can get caught up on that really matter very little in the grand scheme of things.  Allow me to be that friend that tells you, ‘Hey, it’s ok to get over that!’

  1. You aren’t a great cook.  (PTL!)  I thought once I got married I would turn into Paula Deen.  Yea….still waiting on that one.  I can follow a recipe well but cooking is not a passion of mine.  IT’S OK!  Our economy needs stimulation too, you know?
  2. You don’t know what ‘ecumenical’ means.  Or any other grand theological word for that matter.  Doesn’t mean anything negative about you, just look it up when you get home from church. Last time I checked the big ones to know were: Jesus, Cross, Grace, Heaven and Redeemed, anyway.
  3. You still eat kid cereal for breakfast.  Good morning to you, Mr. Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
  4. You haven’t already decided what school your, ahem, 2 year old will attend in 3 years…
  5. Your idea of a ‘homemade pizza’ is topping a frozen pizza with cheese and pepperoni from a bag.
  6. To not know how many more kids you want.  Whether you’ll adopt or have biological.  Or even if you’ll have anymore.  It’s ok to not have all the answers RIGHT NOW.
  7. To still not be sure what you want to be when you grow up.
  8. You exercise just so you can have dessert after dinner.
  9. It’s ok if you can’t get the sink cleaned out every. single. night.  The world will not end b/c of your dishes.  I promise.
  10. It’s ok if the only thing you can still wear from high school are a pair of shoes.  I’m sure those shoes look fabulous on you!
  11. You read a few blogs just so you can get a perspective check on how good your life actually is. I’m sure that’s why you are here!  :)
  12. You aren’t up on the latest news in the presidential race but you know all the characters on Sesame Street and/or iCarly
  13. It’s ok if you only deep clean your house when people come over.  (And on that note, can I please have a 20 minute call-ahead?  K.  Thanks.)
  14. You never really know what to say when people ask you, ‘What’s new?’  Truth?  Not a single thing.  It’s ok!

I hope this list helps you feel a little better about your day!  It’s all in good fun but I do hope you’ll take it easy on yourself every once and a awhile.  As women for some reason we think we have to do it all, and if we aren’t doing it ALL…then we are lazy.  Right.  Because that’s logical.

Please know that you are doing a great job at whatever you are working towards.  And also, that it’s perfectly acceptable to make ‘homemade pizza’ for dinner.  Or better yet….to stimulate the economy a little.  Just tell your hubby that LB said it was ok!