Alright kids, it’s time for a round of …PAINT… YOUR… SHOES!

Wait.  Huh?

Ok, enough with the game show voice, however just know that if we were real-life friends (which I know we totally would be) instead of bloggy friends (which we totally are already) my game show voice is pretttyyyy awesome.

I have had these nude sling backs for probably 3 years?  I got them close to my sister’s wedding and her 3 year anniversay is coming up so we’ll just go with that time frame.  They are ok.  Just ok in the truest sense.  The are strikingly close to my skin color which is one shade darker than Casper so there’s that.  But I don’t know what it is, they just feel blah to me.  

I had a few minutes (really like 15 minutes) yesterday and had been thinking about painting a cap toe on the sling-backs for a while so I just went for it.  Found this paint and sponge upstairs and figured that was good enough.  I’m sure there are better options at a craft store but I used this and it’s worked fine so far; I’ll let you know how they wear.  I decided how large I wanted the cap toe to be and used painters tape to make off that spot.  I then took more tape and went around the bottom edge b/c I do like the way the ‘wood’ looks on the bottom.  I did 2 coats of thin dots of paint with my sponge all over.  Tried to get as close to the bottom edge as I could without globbing it on to the shoe.  In true mom fashion, I used a little red paint brush from one of Rowan’s dollar store paint kits for touch ups!  Hey, I never claimed to be a pro!  As soon as I was done painting I took of the tape to see if I needed to touch up any places.  They turned out surprisingly well!  That’s a band-aid on the bottom of the shoe to keep it from being so slick.  I’m not a professional nor am I graceful!So there ya have them in all of their painted glory!     They are Tahari shoes and are a ‘leather upper’ in case you have a pair you are thinking about painting.  They were from Marshall’s I believe. I just found these online!  So similar to what I was going for! Here they are after drying for a few minutes….But let’s just keep it real since we are all friends around here….You better believe I was wearing some hot pink sweat pants while doing this little painting project.  Don’t get any ideas that we are all about fashion around here.

Gotta keep it real, right?  I don’t think it gets much more real than telling you about my game show voice, admitting that I paint shoes with random supplies laying around AND I wear pink sweat pants during nap time.  If nothing else, I am here to make you feel better about your attire for the day.  Oh, and maybe convince you to take a paint brush to that old pair of shoes you’ve got laying around.

Hey, why not!?