Exciting day!  As Our Own has graciously chosen me as their Advocate in Action for April!

What.  An.  Honor.

Below is a glimpse at the email that went out today to many of As Our Own’s Supporters.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you haven’t had a chance to get your Spring Lookbook please take a minute to check it out again.  It sure would mean a lot to me!  The cost is $8 (with $1 going directly to As Our Own) through pay pal and you download the 44 page PDF immediately.   You could be looking though 10 fresh Spring looks in about 45 seconds; sounds like a great deal to me.  :)

Again.  Thank you.  I don’t take this lightly and I hope that you’ll get to know this WONDERFUL organization more and find out how you can be an advocate in your own right!

Making a Lasting Fashion Statement
Lanie Beth has always believed that our style “says a lot about our personality as well as how we view ourselves.” Armed with this conviction, she is passionate about helping women “feel comfortable in their own skin.”
This passion for unearthing this God-given treasure in each individual is why our mission resonated so strongly with Lanie Beth—and why she has gotten involved as an advocate.
“I first heard about As Our Own from your Board Member’s blog about 18 months ago,” she explains. After spending time at AsOurOwn.org, Lanie Beth was teary-eyed and convinced she had to do something—anything—to help.
By dedicating the profits from her seasonal fashion e-book to As Our Own, Lanie Beth is impacting the lives of girls in India. The e-book features innovative outfits combining new and vintage garments with a statement wow-piece that’s under $50. The most recent is A Grateful Girl’s Guide to Spring and can be purchased for $8 (a portion of each sale goes directly to support our work in India).
“We can all use our talents for the greater good,” Lanie Beth says. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just use what you’ve already got going.”
Can You Be an Advocate in Action?
We need more people to join the Advocate in Action team! Wondering what you can do?
»Visit the What You Can Do page of our Web site for assistance in answering that simple question.
»Raise funds in lieu of birthday, wedding, or holiday gifts by creating a Personal Fund-Raising page
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As Our Own does not endorse any products, services, or businesses featured in this e-mailer. As Our Own is grateful these individuals have used such gifts, talents, and finances to support and further our work.