Future Blogger.

'Mom, I think you need to post about that gorgeous sweater from J.Crew.”

“Wait, you MUST tell them about this drool worthy purse!  I know they will like that one!  It's so completely lovely; a girl can dream!”

“We better hurry up and post about it before they go shopping for black Friday!  Maybe it will be on sale!”

“Hey mom, here are a few more outfit ideas for the winter.  I think you should buy them all!”

“Alright.  Got those pieces linked up; I especially like this one.  What's next? How about these cute shoes?”

“Um, I don't know about those mom….those are kind of weird.  Let's try something a little more basic.”“Good job.  Great post.  I hope all of our readers will think that those are some great Christmas gift ideas.”

“Now, I'm just going to add one little thing in here for a little girl like me.  I would reaaaaallllllyyyyy like this for Christmas!”

“Enough with this magic mouse.  It's not very magic if it doesn't type my blog post for me!”

“Wait…Maybe I need my own iMac this year? “

She's a smart little girl but I think she's going to need to ask her grandparents if she wants an iMac this year!  ;)  The pink kitchen is more mommy and daddy's speed.  And it just so happens to be on it's way to our house now.  Shhhhh….don't tell Rowan!


Church Clothes.

Even though I wrote an e-book on style, this whole 'taking pictures of myself' is still a new concept for me.  Exhibit A:  My awkwardness shows no limits.  ;)
But I am going to try and get more outfit photos like a good little style blogger would!  I love this outfit.  I think it's the epitome of 'church clothes in the fall'.  Don't let the leaves on the ground fool you though….it was every bit of 70 degrees when we took these after church yesterday.

This skirt was such a great buy.  I have a deep respect for all things Anthropologie yet I can count on one hand the number of items I own from there!  Saturday morning though, I added 2 new items to that blessed collection.  The skirt and shoes.  The skirt was originally $128 (notinamillionyears) but it was on the clearance rack for $39!  Honest!  Good deal, right?

This necklace was such a steal, too!  Regularly $64.99 but LOFT had all of their jewelry for $20.  I scooped this up faster than…well, I don't know but rest assured I was lightning quick with my scooping of $20 jewelry skills.  Admittedly, the shoes are my favorite part.  Remember when I told you that my husband LOVES high-end denim?  Well, he also appreciates really nice shoes.  I am normally the one that keeps us grounded, but when I saw these shoes online, let's just say I let him spoil me a little.  how to make money online

tle=”Web Church Clothes_1005″ src=”http://www.laniebethsinclair.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Web-Church-Clothes_1005.jpeg” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”600″ />They are FANTASTIC.  I would like to think that if I were a shoe, I would be something like this.  A little sparkle.  A little leather.  Some rugged stitching on the outside.  And a nice, reasonable heel.  They make me swoon.  I shall be wearing these every time I leave the house from now until at least June of 2012.  Well, every time I get out of my sweat pants.  So, at least once a week!

Sweater:  LOFT  (On sale for $15)

Skirt:  Anthropologie  (On clearance for $39)  Similar

Tights:  LOFT

Shoes:  Anthropologie  (I would like to note that these were a birthday present from my sweet man.  In no way are these a normal shoe purchase; however they are the most awesome shoes I own.  And I LOVE them.  Thank you and good night.)

Necklace:  LOFT  Similar

Shameless plug:  You can still download the Fall/ Winter Lookbook for $5!  It's a 15 page mini-magazine-ish type book that has photos of 6 different outfits and style tips for the Fall and Winter!  Also, $1 from each book goes directly to As Our Own.