Black Friday= Black Jeans.

I'm not a black Friday shopper.  I realize those are fightin' words in some parts of our great country, but I promise I mean no offense.  Just not my cup o'tea.  But black jeans?  Not only are they my cup o' tea but they are my Starbucks venti 8-pump nonfat, extra hot vanilla cappuccino.  Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

This particular pair are pretty perfect in my opinion.  A tiny bit of stretch, good length and a nice rise.  Not too high but not 1999-low either. They are my favorite pair of jeans right now.   Ask Brad.  I wear them oh, I don't know, every other day.  I even thought about buying the same pair AGAIN so that when they fade (as all black jeans event

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ually do) I'd have a back-up.  For a pair of jeans that were a good price AND they make you feel pretty great when you put them on….you don't have to be a black Friday shopper to know that's a good deal.

Bow front top:  Old Navy

Sweater: Express (old) Similar

Jeans:  Modern Skinny from LOFT

Leopard print flats: Banana Republic  (clearance for $30) Similar

Earrings:  Not sure?  Scored them from a jewelry swap.  I think Banana Republic?  Sort of similar.

Oh, and just for fun, this was us on the playground a little later.  It's slow in the beginning but watch at the end when Rowan and I totally wipe out at the end of the slide.  Good times.  On the bright side, Rowan had a BALL.  She was  LOVING HERSELF!  I think we did the slide at least 100 times.  Luckily this was our only accident and she wasn't hurt at all.  I was still picking myself off the ground and she was telling my she wanted to go 'gin' or 'again'.  Girl's got stamina I tell ya!  Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go take some Tylenol for my aching backside. ;)



  1. Lauren Lewis November 25, 2011

    Oh, I definitely thought about you when Derrick and I were at Tanger last night. You really should try it sometime. I know you’re a go to bed early kind of girl, but you might find you enjoy the excitement. And there really are good deals. Now that Tanger opens at 10pm, it’s really not even Black Friday shopping. =) We were at Tanger from 10-1 and then at Lenox at 7am this morning. It was AWESOME!! Oh – and I love the outfit!

  2. Nicole November 25, 2011

    I have a sweater and a tie top like that and never would have put them together! Yippee! And I’m headed to Minnesota next week so I was needing some layering ideas!

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