It’s Birthday Day!

 Well, today is Rowan’s actual birthday!  Can’t believe it!  Since we had her party on Saturday she already got a ton of gifts but we saved the one from us until this morning.

 She was somewhat interested in it at first….

 Enjoyed pulling the ribbon…

 And then trying to get on top of the box….


 And then she liked the noise of the paper ripping….

 Took a seat and watched daddy while mommy was the paparazzi….

 Still trying to figure out what all this is exactly…

 ‘Oh, Dad, you lift this here! Like opening the doors.  My favorite activity!’

 Checking things out….

 And then, she saw it…

 The best gift ever….TISSUE PAPER!!!  haha.  In all seriousness, we got her a set of books from Pottery Barn Kids including this book and a sweet baby doll.  SO CUTE!

 For lunch we went to Italian Oven with Brad, my mom and and my dad.  She makes this face all the time.  So hard to get a smile!

 She wanted everything on the table.  And I do mean everything!

 I think she was trying to get Dad’s tea here so he grabbed her and gave a smooch.

 I made a yellow cake for us for lunch so she had a little bit of the cake part.

 That was clearly her favorite part of lunch!  Just like her mama, forget the food and the cake!

 She was literally shoveling it in!  So funny!

 We love our sweet 1 year old and can’t believe she’s one.  But we also can’t believe that we are old enough to have a one year old!

 Weren’t we just in college?  Oh right, we were; 5 years ago!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Rowan girl.  Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. And we will always be there to give you tissue paper and eat cake with you.  Always.

Basic Monday.

Today was a basic Monday.  After all the partying this weekend (The party was a hit!  Pictures will be here Friday!  We had over 100 guests!) to have a basic Monday is relaxing, refreshing and dare I say necessary.

Sometimes I get the Monday blahs.  When I worked full time I said I wouldn’t because how can you have a bad day if you get to stay at home, right?  Well, it’s just that we do fun stuff on the weekends and Brad is home to help and it is just funner when he’s around.  Yes, funner.

But these basic days, like today, when we get up, have breakfast and go for a walk first thing in the morning are like water to my dry throat. Today we will play, do laundry, catch up on some light housework, make dinner and just hang out.  I love it!

The Lord has softened my heart so much that my home is now my home base.  Not just a jumping off point.  Brad and I used to do things every night of the week and pretty much ate, slept and showered at home and that was it.  Of course with a baby it is different, but we made a conscious choice to be at home more and it has done us a WORLD of good.

Basic days, or hang-out-at-home-and-get-dressed-only-if-you-want-to days are what keeps me balanced.  Basic days are like the building blocks to a balanced life.  The basic days are what make the busy days bearable and even fun!  The basic days help me to be able to enjoy going and doing because I know that I have a home base to come back to and recoup.

I encourage you, to enjoy your basic days.  Don’t always fill your day with 100 things to do.  It”s ok to wait to get a shower sometimes.  It’s ok to just play and do laundry all day, sometimes.  Live on the wild side!  Enjoy the basic!!

Basically, the basic is what grounds me.  Basically speaking, of course.  

Rich People Problems.

It’s 5:36am on Saturday the 21st of May and I can’t sleep.  Rowan’s birthday party is at 10am and it’s a breakfast type get together.  I’m ready.  There is really nothing to be done other than putting the food out on the tables.  Nothing else to cook or create.  Nothing to put together or figure out.

Yet here I am, at 5:38 in the morning not sleeping.  And btw, I am not one of those people that gets up this early all the time.  The crack of 7:30am is more my speed.

I just can’t stop thinking about rich people problems.  Brad came up with this phrase after we were looking to buy a new car for me and we were shopping around trying to find one that would work for us.  He said, ‘You know the fact that we have the money to buy a car and we just can’t find what we want is totally a rich people problem, right?”

Well, I had never thought of it that way!

Here are a few other examples of rich people problems.
-  You have a pantry full of food but ‘nothing for dinner’
-  You have a closet full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear’
-  It’s Friday night and you can’t decide where to go OUT TO EAT
-  You are looking for a house (b/c you can afford it ) and are having a hard time finding one that works for your family.
-  Same thing with a car.

Are you getting my point?  I am basing the statement of ‘rich people problem’ on the fact that the majority of the world lives on less than $1 per day.

Wow.  $1 per day?  I think I spent about $5 on a venti nonfat, extra hot, 8 pump vanilla cappuccino the other day.

And as I was running around getting things together for Rowan’s birthday party, I realized that while there is a lot that goes into having a party at your home, it’s a rich people problem.  But this one is a little different.

The fact that I am healthy, married, a mother, a stay at home mom, active and happy….well then getting ready for a birthday problem is a blessed people problem.

What an honor it is to be in this place in my life.  Is is perfect?  Sure isn’t.  But is it blessed and anointed?  You bet.

So instead of ‘running around like a chicken with my head cut off’ this week trying to get everything ready for her party, I just realized how thankful and blessed I am to have rich people problems.  I also am acutely aware of those who do not.

I am aware of those who, when say that they don’t know what to fix for dinner, it’s because they have no food.  And when they say that they don’t have anything to wear, it’s because they literally have a single article of clothing.  Nothing extra.

There is nothing wrong with rich people problems as long as you acknowledge that’s what they are and behave in a way that you don’t take your life for granted.  The problem comes in when we forget that there are others around the world who have real problems, real issues and real needs and we are too busy with our rich people problems to meet them.

That’s the real problem.

Don’t take your rich people problems for granted, but more importantly figure out a way to go and give and meet and do for others with the real problems.

That’s the real solution.

Birthday week.

This week I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Ever have those days?  Oh, that’s only me?  Oh well….

Rowan’s birthday party is on Saturday and I am SO EXCITED about it!  Seriously.  SO EXCITED.  Along with that comes getting the house clean, ready and making a few improvements.  Nothing like a party to motivate you, huh?

We actually ended up getting a new sofa on Monday!  Woohoo!  Well, they are delivering it tonight, but we bought it on Monday.  It’s awesome.  A huge sectional from Havertys.  We have been looking for quite awhile but have not been able to agree on much.  ha!  I guess you could say the stars aligned on Monday and we agreed.  So we will be the proud owners of a sectional.  My favorite!  Something about them seems very homey and comfortable to me. And not to mention, it was a floor model and clearance so we got a sa-weet deal.  Cha-ching!

So that’s pretty much why I have been M.I.A.  Getting ready for her party but also loving on her.  Alot.  I don’t want to get so wrapped up in the party (that she won’t remember, I know) that I miss these last couple of weeks before she’s a ‘big girl’.

Life is such a balance isn’t it.  I’m working on it but man, it’s hard to stay in check!

Hope you are doing well and you are loving your ‘balanced’ life!

Pictures to come of the party!  (Her actual birthday is the 24th)