Well, today is Rowan’s actual birthday!  Can’t believe it!  Since we had her party on Saturday she already got a ton of gifts but we saved the one from us until this morning.

 She was somewhat interested in it at first….

 Enjoyed pulling the ribbon…

 And then trying to get on top of the box….


 And then she liked the noise of the paper ripping….

 Took a seat and watched daddy while mommy was the paparazzi….

 Still trying to figure out what all this is exactly…

 ‘Oh, Dad, you lift this here! Like opening the doors.  My favorite activity!’

 Checking things out….

 And then, she saw it…

 The best gift ever….TISSUE PAPER!!!  haha.  In all seriousness, we got her a set of books from Pottery Barn Kids including this book and a sweet baby doll.  SO CUTE!

 For lunch we went to Italian Oven with Brad, my mom and and my dad.  She makes this face all the time.  So hard to get a smile!

 She wanted everything on the table.  And I do mean everything!

 I think she was trying to get Dad’s tea here so he grabbed her and gave a smooch.

 I made a yellow cake for us for lunch so she had a little bit of the cake part.

 That was clearly her favorite part of lunch!  Just like her mama, forget the food and the cake!

 She was literally shoveling it in!  So funny!

 We love our sweet 1 year old and can’t believe she’s one.  But we also can’t believe that we are old enough to have a one year old!

 Weren’t we just in college?  Oh right, we were; 5 years ago!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Rowan girl.  Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. And we will always be there to give you tissue paper and eat cake with you.  Always.