How many of us are so excited about the royal wedding on Friday?  Um, that would be me!  I watch Good Morning America every morning and I’m so excited about all of the fashion talk!  Just show us the dress already!

Thinking about the ‘wedding of our generation’ naturally has me contemplating my own wedding back in 2006.  (We are celebrating 5 years in September!  Woohoo!)  I remember the excitement, anticipation, nerves and anxiousness about the day!

I remember the moment quite vividly where I was finally all dressed in my huge wedding dress, hair done, makeup flawless, earrings in and shoes on.  At that moment I stared at myself in the mirror.  It still looked like me, but perhaps a much prettier version of myself.  After all, who can do their makeup like the professionals every day, right!?

But it was at that moment when I locked eyes with the reflection in the mirror and thought, ‘this is it!’

Of course as believers we know that there truly is no turning back.  The bonds of marriage bind us to one another so that two may become one.  Amen and amen.

As I think through those particular thoughts I had on that warm September day in 2006, I think about Kate Middleton.  Clearly, she has a thousand times more pressure on her than I could even imagine.  She is marrying the heir to throne of England, for crying out loud!

So as strange as this may sound, I’m asking you to pray for Kate.  Vigilantly.  Up until her wedding on Friday morning.  Can you imagine the pressure!?  I want to gently remind you that she and William are real people.  They are real people with real feelings and real emotions. And while the fanfare is fun, may we be quick to remember our fellow sister on that day.

Pray that when Kate is all dressed (in whatever wedding dress she has in fact chosen) and she locks eyes with the reflection in the mirror, that she will be calm, cool and collected.  It must be tough to have a thick skin to face the public all the time yet not allow that to seep into your psyche.

So, I implore you to pray for Kate Middleton and her upcoming wedding as I know so many of your loved ones and supporters did for you on your wedding day as well.