Hey there.  Based on my last post, you might be able to tell that I’m on a bit on a cleaning and organizing rant.  And I have to admit, I kinda like it.  I have cleaned out my closet with 10, yes 10, huge bags of clothes, shoes and bags.  If I didn’t love it, love the way I look in it and love the cut of the item–it went out. 

I am TIRED of looking in my closet and not liking my clothes.  It’s ridiculous.  I am a blessed woman to even have clothes to be able to CHOOSE what I wear each day.  So the excess that I kept around b/c either I spent too much on it and can’t bear to part with it, or I have had it since *gulp* high school and I’m still thinking I can fit into it- is over.  Done.  The only thing I have in my closet that I might not wear right away are a few pairs of jeans that are still a little tight from some baby weight.  I’m giving myself till Christmas.  If they don’t fit by then, well they are going as well.  No matter how much I spent on them.  haha!

I have also gone through ‘junk drawers’ in our kitchen that you could barely open.  Now isn’t that ridiculous.  I had drawers I couldn’t open.  Or if I could, then I didn’t like to b/c they were filled to the brim with junk.  How wasteful of me!  Anyway, I won’t bemoan myself any longer b/c those are cleaned out and nice and tidy, if I do say so myself! 

I have been totally inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, The Nester.  She’s awesome anyway but she has been doing a series called 31 days to a less messy nest that is WONDERFUL.  Even if you don’t care for her style, she has some great organizational tips.

On that same vein, I read another great post today.  It was titled 3 Tricks to take the WORK out of housework.  Y’all, I really enjoyed that post!  I need to come up with a name for my house!  By far my favorite part was when she talked about being grateful to have a home to clean.  Whew.  Hit me in the gut!

So there ya have it.  I’m on a kick.  An organizational kick and I’m already feeling better about my home.  Especially since I’m here ALOT more now, it’s been great to get things in the proper order for how we live.  I finally feel like our house is working for us, not just a place to throw stuff and then shut the door. 

Can I get an ‘Amen’!?