If you have a problem you need to make a decision on, most of us get away to be by ourselves. We go sit at Starbucks and try and look philosophical with our 18-adjective coffee and a worn leather journal. (Not that I would know about that. Ha!) Sometimes we seek wise council from people. Go for a hike. Go shopping. Have a good cry.

But I have changed my ‘head clearing’ method since I graduated from college. You know what I do?

Clean out closets.

For real.

My dad gave me this whole lecture one day when I was stressed out about life and work and everything else under the sun.

He said, “Well, what does your closet look like?”

He knew good and well what my closet looked like! It looked like Old Navy on Black Friday when you don’t know what goes where and if they have your size in anything.

So of course I answered, “Pretty bad.”

“I think you need to go clean out your car (it was packed from moving home) and then get everything organized in your closet and then you will know what to do” said my wise dad.

So I did.

Reluctantly. Dragging my feet and muttering under my breath.

And ya know…. it was the craziest thing. I didn’t have a vision, or a note fall out of the sky; but I could think clearer. I could reason and not feel so cluttered. So yes, I did sort of know what the answer was.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a closet somewhere you need to clean out. A car that needs to be cleaned. A yard to mow or rake. Weeds to pull. A Kitchen to organize. Meals to plan. SOMETHING that clears your mind and allows you to focus and be present in the moment.

You’d be amazed at what a good cleaning can do for you.

And what do you do when cleaning still doesn’t clear your mind? Well, you shop, of course. :)