God is Able.

No wisdom, No understanding, No counsel can avail against the Lord. Proverbs 21:30

Even though the doctors have told you there is no hope, cure or remedy.
God is able.

For that marriage that is broken and betrayed by deceit and hurt.
God is able.

For that anxiety that is at such a high level you feel like you can’t breathe sometimes.
God is able.

For that miracle you have been praying about for months or even years.
God is able.

For that relationship that seems like there is no possible solution.
God is able.

When I was in college a mentor taught me about ‘breath prayers’. (They might have a fancier name than that, but that’s what I call them.) Breath prayers are just a short sentence you repeat under your breath all throughout the day.

Sometimes I will pull a phrase from my quiet time the morning or perhaps a quote from another inspiration. Nothing long or complicated. The key is to commit to believe that phrase for one day (or however long you would like) and say it under your breath as often as you feel like it or remember.

So today, mine will be: God is able.

Feel free to use that one or come up with something that resonates more with your situation. I think you might be surprised at how focused you feel. It can truly be an act of worship, walk in that today.

They need you.

Wanted to tell you the latest on the Tessa Zelek trial. She was sentenced last Friday and the judge gave her the full 70 years.

I’ll say that again. 70 YEARS. In prison.

She might get out after 55 years, you know, for good behavior.

At what point she will be in her 80’s.

It was said on the news that when the police or officials found the boys they were facing each other and holding hands. One was flat on the left side of his head and one was flat on the right side. They kept each other alive. They didn’t have anyone else.

I know, it’s terribly sad. I cried when I heard that the first time. How a mother could….well, I’m sure you get the point.

I have been feeling a burden the past few days from the Lord that there are some moms that read this blog that have bad days. You have bad days where you hate your job and you want to be able to stay at home but finances won’t allow for that. You have bad days when you are currently a stay-at-home-mom but sometimes you just need a break and a little adult conversation minus a feeding or a diaper change every 30 minutes.

It is such HARD HARD balance of remaining grateful and focused on the task at hand.

If you stay at home, you are very literally shaping them every minute of every day to hopefully become a Christ follower and a good citizen.

If you work full time, you are helping to meet the needs of your child financially, and then you come home and do everything that a SAHM does on top of your normal job away from the home.

I’m sure this is on my heart because I am coming up into this new world of babies and children, and let me tell you, I don’t know even 1% of what I need to know.

But I know this. You matter. Your job matters. Your sacrifices are seen. You are not invisible. You are important and your children NEED you. They need you to be intentional about your time with them. The lessons you teach them and the example you and your husband set. You are all they have.

I guess the story of Tessa brought this around in a new and fresh way that hits like a ton of bricks. This life that we live, the boring, mundane and the everyday ho-hum; it’s important. So even when it’s hard and you want to escape whether out of your home or to your home, know that you matter to God.

And your kids need you. They need you because they don’t have anyone else that was put here to do what you do. So take pride in your purpose, your job and your life today.

You matter to them and they need you.


So I am thinking that Wednesday is a perfect day to do an updates post. So here are the random updates of my life (as well as some Poppy updates!)

  1. Jury Duty was an experience. Honestly, it was not bad. Dare I say I even enjoyed it a little? (I am free to discuss the case per the judge since the sentence has been given, it’s an open case) It was a bar fight case, so there was battery and simple battery charges. Put a couple of hot heads together and then add in large amounts of alcohol and I’m sure you can imagine the scene. We heard the trial that morning, went to lunch and then heard closing statements and deliberated. I didn’t really think the deliberation would take that long, boy was I wrong. 2 hours later we still had 4 for guilty and 2 for not guilty. And we had to have a unanimous decision. Anyway, we figured it out. We decided he was guilty of simple battery but not battery. So he got 10 days of jail that he was allowed to fulfill in a work-release program.
  2. We had a blast a gold rush! So much fun! Didn’t get to see nearly as many people as we normally do (I missed you guys!) but it was still fun. We took our friends Andrea and Michael with us to show them the madness that is Gold Rush. (I think that actually liked it!)
  3. Poppy is doing great. I am feeling good so far. Certainly have my moments of “If I don’t eat in 30 seconds I might hurt someone” but other than that doing great. :) Maybe some of you Mommas can give me some insight to this, but y’all, I am STARVING. All. The. Time. I just can’t get enough. My husband is loving it because he has a snacking partner now. I used to not eat after dinner, that went out the window about a month ago! I eat a snack after dinner and then something else before I go to bed! haha. Oh well, it is what it is, right?
  4. My boobs. are. huge. Huge. Well for me, huge is filling up my B-cup bra. I wore a shirt the other day I have had for a while and it was literally tight because my boobs have grown so much. Wow!
  5. Really the only other change is just feeling tired. But it’s not too bad, certainly not unmanageable. However I did go to bed at 8:30 last night….
  6. Lastly, I am not there yet, but didn’t know if any of you girls had good ideas for maternity clothes? A special shop you loved? Something budget friendly, please? I would just like to know so I can keep my eye out. Also, I do need long-length in the pants, so that seems to be a little more difficult.
  7. I have asked my mom for a Bella band for my birthday in November. I have heard great things about that, so I am hoping I can last for quite awhile in some of my pants with a little Bella Band help.
  8. We go in 2 weeks to hear the heartbeat and everything. I will be 11 weeks then, so we are anxious to hear that everything sounds good. I read that once you hear the heartbeat that your risk of miscarriage goes down to 2%. That makes me Very happy. :)
  9. **Edited to add** I don’t even like coffee anymore. I KNOW! Crazy, huh? I did de-caff for about a week and then I just did not desire it AT ALL. The Starbucks near my house is having to take out a second mortgage because I am not infusing them with my dollars anymore. Not really, but you get the point. Everyone told me my tastes would change but I never thought it would be a change in my love for coffee! :) *sigh*
  10. Oh, I like this Jeremy Camp song: Give Me Jesus from his Beyond Measure CD.

Happy Wednesday!

Jury Duty.

So, guess what? I was the winner of the ability to serve my state today in a little jury duty this morning! I was going to fill this post full of statements throughout like:

‘I object!’

‘Guilty as charged!’

‘Oh, just another day of drama in the courtroom!’

‘May justice be served!’

You know, things you say on a day-to-day basis and of course, all while wearing a navy suit in a yellow bow-tie. LOL.

I had to ‘report’ at 8:30am this morning, sit and hear the schpeal about you are serving your county/state, yadda yadda. And honestly, it really was not a bad experience. I was thankfully chosen as the first group. So even though I did get chosen and have to go back tomorrow, I was done this morning by 10:30am.

Here’s what I didn’t know….I didn’t know that they would question us in front of the entire courtroom. Everyone was there. Bailiff, judge, both sides, clerk’s the defendant; everyone! It was a nerve wrecking!!

Turns out I had to answer like every question and they all felt like the applied to me, haha. I knew people not only on the law enforcement side but on the judicial side as well. I don’t drink alcohol buy choice (who knew that mattered?). I financially support an organization against domestic abuse. I am religious. I mean, the list went on and on…..

Out of 14 potential jurors, they chose 6 and of course I was a lucky one. Sadly, I can’t give you a play by play of the trial (it is sort of against the LAW) but there might be some funny people watching stories I’m sure the judge wouldn’t mind if I passed along. :)

So the trail starts tomorrow at 9am. Whew. Here we go! Shouldn’t last longer than 1 day, so that’s definitely a plus. Oh, and you better believe I am taking my check from all this money I am going to make and buy something great. Really, really great. Well, about as great as $25 can buy you. Ha!
So that’s been my Monday. Do you have any jury duty stories?

(Just to clarify, I think it will actually be ok, not bad at all. Everyone was really nice and very helpful. It is kind of cool to be able to serve in a way that I am not normally able. I will let you now how it goes on Wednesday, since I’ll be in court tomorrow. Doesn’t that sound cool?)