I don’t know about you, but I find Christmas cards to be VERY important. I don’t know why or when this obsession started, but since we have been married I just love a good Christmas card. It has to be meaningful, but not overdone. Pretty but not too pretty. Funky but not over-the-top. And have a touch of whimsy without being neon colors. Last year we had pictures done by a fantastic photographer in our area, Jena Golden, and she designed our cards. They were AMAZING. Well, I really liked them. :)

Here was the front:

And here was the back:

I loved them. They weren’t too ‘much’ but still very fun. Those are our doggies by the way! Bella is the bichon (white one) and Ginger is the little mutt. My favorite part of the card was the texture. They were a very heavy weight paper that was flat (non-glossy) linen texture. Man, they just felt good. Know what I mean?

Well, this year I think I am just going to order because I want Jena to do the birth announcements (!) in the spring.

I have a point, I promise. :) I found this website, through my Real Simple magazine, and it is AWESOME!

Lauren also showed me this site and they have more good cards too.

I know they cost a little more than the box kind, but they are SO MUCH FUN and of course, your family will love them. So make a little extra effort, I think you’ll really enjoy the results!

Yayy for Christmas cards!