I saw this idea a few months ago here and thought it was a great idea. Then, I saw it on this blog and sort of tucked it away in my memory. (She is super creative!) Well this weekend it came to life again.

We have a back hallway that leads to two spare bedrooms and a bathroom on the main floor. We don’t really use those rooms other than for a guest bedroom and the other is my workout room. But you can see the hallway from the main living room. About 3 weeks ago I just painted one wall brown. ‘Hat Box Brown’ to be exact. And then it just sat there for the following weeks. I had some extra time this weekend so I got the supplies together and went to Lowe’s and got my wood cut and everything. And here’s the pictures…

1. Blank wall.
2. Blank wall.
3. My 12 12’X12′ wood squares outside after I sanded the edges and wiped them off good.
4. I painted the edges orange. It just felt right.
5. Got my book o’ scrapbook paper with designs that fit the colors in my house.
6. Laid out the order of the designs to see what order I wanted them.
7. Brad routed a place for the nails to go on the back. I didn’t want to attach hangers because I wanted them to lay flat on the wall.
8. Used my spray adhesive and lightly sprayed the dry and dust-free wood.
9. Then Brad helped me put the paper on straight.
10. And there ya go! Brad did a great job hanging them. I wanted them two inches apart on both sides and of course centered between the two doors.

I’m happy with how it turned out. The patterns are a bit Moroccan which I love. And it was cheap!
Here’s the price break down….
Wood: $17.61 (Pressed plywood and had them cut it for me at Lowe’s)
Paint: Had it.
Scrapbook paper: $19.99 (Most expensive part. I found a set I like for about $9.99 but this one was alot better, so I splurged.)
Spray Adhesive: $4.99-ish
Husband that is a rockstar picture hanger: He’s all mine ladies. :)
Not a huge project but fun and now that wall isn’t so lonely looking anymore.
Happy Wednesday!