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With all the New Year’s Resolutions talk, lately, I’ve been learning about how you cannot always place milestones as measurement for your success.  Goals are great.  I’m type A so believe me, I get goals.  Goals are my love language.  But sometimes what we are shooting for ends up looking different from we thought it would.  So then, when you work really hard and actually get to the medal podium it never feels quite like you thought it would.  Frustrating.  And disheartening.

I want to keep setting goals to push myself but I want to stop allowing those goal to hold my happiness hostage.  I realize now that’s not the goal’s fault but rather my own inability to be happy on the journey. Not setting goals isn’t the answer and setting all the goals isn’t the answer.  It’s about understanding our own personalities and what systems enable us to function at our highest and best use.  If I’m going to push myself I need all the help I can get.  Let’s not make an uphill battle worse, my friends.

With too many goals or resolutions our journey looks like we are in a river  jumping from rock to rock to avoid the water below when the water is glorious and lovely all on it’s own.  I want to feel the pride in landing a big jump from two ill placed rocks but I also want to taste the fresh spring water and splash around like a kid just because I can.

2016- Here’s to medal podiums that bring us joy, big rocks to conquer and cool fresh water to remind us that we’re still alive.

May 2016 be a year forward for you.  Forward moving, forward thinking and forward-looking.  I’m forward-ing with you, friend.  Cheers.

Are We Obsessed with Self-Expression?


(I make no apologies for expressing myself through coloring my prematurely gray roots.)

I dress people for a living.  Well, that sounds weird.  Let’s try that again.  As a wardrobe stylist I dress SAHMs, corporate executives, music artists and, on a good day, myself before I go to the grocery store.  The thing that I hear people say so often during a fit session is ‘Oh, this is SO ME.’  As a creative, I love that because it means that I have tapped into something deeper than just the idea that they like the color blue.  I was able to read their personal innuendos enough to choose pieces of clothing that express their temperament.  In many ways, we could stop the appointment right there because *technically* I’ve succeeded at my job.  Truth be told, I don’t think there is anything wrong with finding an outfit that is ‘so you’.  It’s kind of exhilarating, really.

The biggest problem with self-expression is that self-obsession is only a few steps further down that road.

Listen, dress yourself powerfully or playfully.  Dress for your mood and wear the Halloween costume.  But please don’t get stuck thinking that if you’re not ‘expressing yourself’ every minute of everyday then you are a victim.  You’re not.  You’re a believer.  And believers don’t get caught up in that sort of thing.  They know that the only kind of self-expression they need be obsessed with is the life changing grace of Jesus Christ.  He radically takes us from having to prove ourselves to pinching ourselves that we were created in His image.  Imago Dei. (here and here)

He’s good to us.  He’s so good in fact that he created each of us differently unique and beautiful.  And for that reason alone I’m no enemy to self-expression.  Let’s just make sure we are expressing the self that has come to life through the saving work of Jesus Christ.  That’s an expression I can get behind.

A Dear, Sweet Life.



Big photo shoot this week went above and beyond what I could have imagined.  That’s what you do though, isn’t it.  You specialize in above and beyond.  You bring tiny particles of hope together in order to weave a tapestry of a life fit for a King.  Just when we think ‘it’s happening’ and our lives are finally coming together, we take a step back to see a proud Father showing off his craftsmanship.  It’s not happening.  You’re happening.

There are moments that tell us perhaps our hearts won’t always be hardened pieces of muscle in our chest and that they might actually race for someone or something again.  That perhaps the rhythm of our heart does, once again, determine the level of our affection for our craft and not just the anxiety creativity produces.

There’s still a chance that we can take off monotony’s winter fur and let our bodies feel the warmth of You Happening.  We remind ourselves that we won’t forever be cooped up or huddled up.  We will fly and move and run our race at our pace in our own time.  And be proud.  Proud that You delivered this amazing life and proud that we hung on in obedience.

When people ask us, ‘How did you get here?’ our answer will be simple….’I hung on to His promises for dear life and he in turn gave me just that.  A dear, sweet life.’

Thank you for happening, Jesus,


Costly Wisdom.


You can’t just ‘get wise’.  You can ‘get smarter’.  Sign up for a new degree program, sure!  Apply for a technical certificate to be a metal worker, you betcha!  But wisdom hums a different tune and skips to her own beat.   Wisdom knows her value and isn’t cheap.  She cost something.  Multiple somethings usually.  Most often she costs us years of our lives or perhaps some gray hair.  On the other hand, when wisdom comes to rest on the young it is sadly due to circumstances outside of their control.  They had no choice in the matter yet wisdom is the thing they came out clutching in the end.

Though she be costly, she is priceless.  Those two words are not interchangeable.  To start our adult lives and realize the costly gift of wisdom is one thing; to walk though the remainder of our lives with wisdom is priceless.

The beauty industry might lead you to believe that every fine line and wrinkle is an abomination to your future.  It’s not.  I promise.  I will be purchasing my fair share of wrinkle creams, I have no doubt, because everyone wants to look like the best version of themselves.  But don’t chase the school bus down the road.    Leave the backpack and the 80’s hair in the decade it belongs.  Be present and happy in today’s life.

Though wisdom be costly, it’s also priceless.  Just like you and your beautiful life, dear.

Love from the newly wrinkled girl behind the laptop,


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